I love recording bands. I mean, I love recording all kinds of instruments and ensembles, but there’s something special about capturing the chemistry that exists between a handful of people who have a bond that is more than a friendship but less than significant others. A band’s dynamic is really its own category.

I was thrilled to get the call by the Stereo League boys to do a day together at Retro City. The band wanted to record live, to really tap into that aforementioned special dynamic. They’d been playing and gigging a lot, so putting everyone in a room together to hit record just made sense.

Another great aspect of working with bands is the temporary feeling of being a part of the band, even if it’s just for the day. I always try to find my place within their existing framework, as I find it helps the production feel like a lighter lift, and the songs always benefit.

The guys just released one of the songs we started that day. Since our session, the song evolved quite a bit, so hearing the final master was a combination of familiarity and surprise. I hope you enjoy!

Stereo League - Tomorrow's Gone (Official Music Video)

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