“like…totally” was my first score for The Beans, a comedy troupe that started in LA but is now producing work on the East Coast as well.  It’s easy to be jaded by all that technology can offer as far as convenience, but I still think it’s great to be able to collaborate on projects with others who are thousands of miles away, in some cases with people whom I’ve never met.

The sketch is a not so subtle commentary on something that most of us have experienced: being subjected to a mindless conversation where nothing is really being said.  Musically, I wanted to mimic the action by writing a completely obnoxious score.  As a nod to the 80’s Valley Girl “language” being spoken here, I took a very minimalist approach by scoring the entire short with just my Moog and a drum machine, trying to tap into a synth pop style that I imagined these girls might listen to.  As the conversation becomes harder and harder to cope with, I tried to build momentum in the music with added layers, changing the beat, and generally just building the tension.

I hope that you are thoroughly annoyed after viewing this: