• love from philly
    I’m always excited when I get a call from Max from Brewerytown Beats / Brewerytown Records. He’s continually doing important work with regard to promoting, preserving, and furthering Philadelphia music and musicians. I admire and relate to his DIY spirit. But, I was not expecting the call to be a request to mix a new… read more
  • aquifer of the weave
    It’s not often that I get to experience a totally brand new thing in my field. Yes, every project requires individual care and planning, and that’s part of why I love what I do. But in this case, I was able to be a part of a project that utilizes new techniques in spatial audio…. read more
  • rumble young man
    I’m very pleased to announce the release of the first single from my band, The Right Fiction. This song, and our forthcoming album, has been over two years in the making. But I feel the music has benefited from this time. As a band, we’ve had more time to reflect, refine, and obsess over this… read more
  • feels like christmas
    I understand if it doesn’t feel like Christmas for you today. In this moment, for me, it does. I’m writing a quick post in between wrapping gifts and last minute trips to pick up XY and/or Z. And this past Saturday, playing bass for York Street Hustle’s 9th Annual Holiday Show, well it didn’t quite… read more
  • a new home
    A recording studio is an entrancing space. For over ten years, I’ve worked in these cherished spaces scattered throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, and despite their differences, the unique feeling that washes over me when I settle into a studio remains unchanged. The feeling is indescribable, but I can try–it’s the quiet of the… read more