• this is what we do
    I’ve been a fan of Bethlehem & Sad Patrick for years. Being fairly portable in the duo format, they pop up in all sorts of venues and happenings around Philly. That might lead one to think that they’re good wallpaper music. Hardly. I’ve covered the absolute firecracker of a performer that is Bethlehem, and we… read more
  • oh, dolores
    Last year I helped Cyndi record a song that’s featured in a campy murder TV series for Amazon in which she has a cameo role who is swiftly killed off. If you haven’t seen “The Horror of Dolores Roach,” think Sweeney Todd for the modern era, with empanadas (which I’ll never look at the same… read more
  • enjoying the view
    Mike Boone is a known force in the Philly jazz scene and beyond. Within that scene, he is known as a bass player, band leader, and mentor. I have observed Mike in all of those roles. And while Mike’s keen musical ear is well documented, what most probably don’t know is his finely tuned ear… read more
  • ron & the hip tones
    Ron Aikens is an artist who never got his flowers. Max from Brewerytown Beats/Brewerytown Records is determined to change that. This is a project that has been years in the making, but now seems to be happening on a fast track. And I think a good reason for that is the team in place. Between… read more
  • you’re not alone
    Ah, the closing track and thus final blog post in this series about Golden Apple. Thanks so much for reading any or all of this! I don’t know if this is interesting to anyone else, but it’s fun to share. For the intro drum loop, I was inspired after hearing about Sly Stone making “There’s… read more