the right fiction

In thinking on what to write about this new project, I realized that I’ve never been in a band that was this collaborative. For about a year and a half, Aaron, Adam, and myself would get together about once a week for the sole purpose of writing. We’d alternate who hosted (the host made the coffee), and we would just see what came of it. As a bass player, I’m usually in the position of writing my bass parts, and often contribute structure ideas, will write an occasional bridge, etc. And as a producer, I’ve certainly written songs and collaborated with songwriters. But to write as a weekly exercise with others, well, refreshing doesn’t do it justice.

When the songs felt drum ready, we asked Fred Berman to join us. Since everybody in Philly knows Freddie, I don’t have to expound on how perfectly he fit into and expanded upon the songs we started.

Now, we are in the middle of recording a full length album. We chose our favorite 12 songs from those writing sessions, and hope to have the record out later this year. Until then, we’ll be releasing a series of live in-studio performance videos from a session we hosted at Rittenhouse Soundworks this past January. Thanks for checking us out.

Rumble Young Man - The Right Fiction