a new home

A recording studio is an entrancing space. For over ten years, I’ve worked in these cherished spaces scattered throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, and despite their differences, the unique feeling that washes over me when I settle into a studio remains unchanged. The feeling is indescribable, but I can try–it’s the quiet of the room, the glittering instruments, the sacred feel of these spaces created solely for creation, evolution, grounding, art. Being in a studio often allows me to suspend time and place in this wild world and witness and immerse myself completely in the music with my client. I feel flooded with purpose when I sit down at the control board in a studio. It’s almost as though I am really living and breathing through the music. 

I respect these musical containers and believe that it is crucial to find the right space for every project. It is of utmost importance that the artist is comfortable working in the space. The artist/studio match-making process certainly plays a part in making great records. 

An incredible opportunity was presented to me earlier this year to “move in” to a studio space. I love many of the studios I work in, but this one in particular holds a special place in my heart, as it is one of the first studios I set foot in when I started my freelance career 12 years ago. It is a dream come true for me. I’m overjoyed to officially announce that I’ll be doing a large share of my work atElm Street Studios in Conshohocken. Designed by the legendary George Augspurger and owned by Rob Hyman (The Hooters, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne), Elm Street has been in operation for about 20 years. The trust that Rob has given me to use the place is something I accept with unmeasurable gratitude.

The studio is beautiful and incredibly well equipped, but the best part of being there is being able to share the room. I’ve been working there for the last two months, getting my stuff moved in and in place. I’d love to show you sometime – drop me a line if you’d like to stop by.

Of course, I still have all the love for the several studios in the area I also use for my projects and intend to keep using them, keeping in mind the crucial act of artist/studio match making. Above all, the music is the driving force. Let’s get to work.

Here’s a photo from one of my first sessions at Elm St. (8 years ago!). The big band tracking day for Symphony In Bossa, a record I’m very proud of. I can’t imagine recording drums, bass, piano, guitar, vocals, and a 15 piece big band all live at any other space!