two years later

This is another nostalgic post. What’s happening to me? Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my old band’s first and only record. By total coincidence (which is why I felt compelled to write this post), I also I met my good friend and former Counter Riot cohort, Anthony, for beers and catching up yesterday…. read more

oldie but a goodie

My friend and frequent collaborator Dom Hilton recently made a promo video for the InLiquid Art+Design non-profit as a submission to the PhillyDoGooder Awards. He needed a bit of music for the piece, so he came to me looking for “something jazzy.” I looked through some of my older recordings and sent him a few… read more

tour, filming, jazz, rambling

As is inevitable with anyone who writes a blog, I haven’t updated this in a little while. I have no regrets and will not furiously apologize to you, dear reader, since this blog mainly serves to showcase/shamelessly self-promote my own endeavors. To that end, here are some updates in my recent world: I just got… read more