behind the sounds feature

I was recently featured on the Philadelphia Jazz Project’s website for a series called “Behind the Sounds.” It includes interviews with a handful of audio engineers who do a lot of work in the local jazz scene. I’m incredibly honored to be included, and have a tremendous amount of respect for the PJP and all… read more

songs in the key of free

I’m producing an album inside of a prison. I’ve shared this news with friends and colleagues, stated just as I have above, to mixed reactions. Some simply say, “wow,” and change the subject. Others say, “good for you.” Some want to hear more. If you fall into that last camp, please read on, as I… read more

beats per minute

Maybe it’s fueled by my desire to connect with the local community. Maybe it’s my selfish need to play the music I want, whenever I want it. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m kindred spirits with Marc Maron and Terry Gross. Whatever it is, I’ve started hosting a radio show. I’ve always had a… read more

aaron & the spell

Well, it’s been a while. This site has grown embarrassingly out of date, and all I can say is that life happens, the good and the bad, and updating my website somehow became the last item on my list. Enough of that. Plenty¬†has¬†been happening, and I plan to post with regularity to document and reflect… read more