Ever since moving to Philadelphia, I’ve been a fan of the PRISM Quartet. Aside from saxophone quartet being one of my favorite textures, the group’s ferocious devotion to new music, collaboration, and discovery with unapologetic integrity is worthy of true admiration. When I learned about the “Unlocking Your Inner Composer Workshop” series through a local… read more

quiet the noise

Hearing masterful musicians perform live is always a thrill. Being able to record them is a privilege. But when the musicians are communicating at an incredibly high level at an extremely young age, I’m filled with admiration and joy. The Isaiah J. Thompson Trio joined us for a night of music @exuberance last October. These… read more

in appreciation of curtis mayfield

In case the voice, guitar, incredible songs, cultural and political influence weren’t enough, Curtis Mayfield was also a principled businessman who strongly believed in an artist’s right to own their work. I had no idea. Check out this article.