Fire on the Water – Jamie Paul

Recently, my good friend Jamie Paul asked me to mix a song that he recorded.  Although I did go to school for this sort of thing, mixing is not a passion of mine, so I don’t pursue these gigs often.  I’d much rather be on the music-making/creative side of the glass (I’m not saying that… read more

Bear Hands

The latest sketch from The Beans was released yesterday, entitled “Bear Hands.”  When I received the rough cut of this short, I really didn’t know what to make of it.  In talking with the director, I came to realize that it’s really just supposed to be awkward and absurd; this I can handle.  For some… read more


“like…totally” was my first score for The Beans, a comedy troupe that started in LA but is now producing work on the East Coast as well.  It’s easy to be jaded by all that technology can offer as far as convenience, but I still think it’s great to be able to collaborate on projects with… read more